Why did my eligibility to order software expire?

Your eligibility to order software through OnTheHub expires after a fixed duration certain amount of time. However, if you still meet all eligibility requirements (i.e. if you are still a student or faculty member at an academic institution), you can request additional eligibility to extend or expand your ability to order software.

To request additional eligibility:

  1. Sign in to OnTheHub.
  2. Click on your name (top-right corner), and then click Account Information.
  3. Click the Request Additional Eligibility button.
  4. Depending on how you registered, you may be asked to:
    • Click the link in a confirmation email sent to your school-issued email address, OR
    • Upload proof of your enrollment or employment at your academic institution (e.g. a scanned image of your student ID or faculty ID).
  5. Follow any on-screen instructions that are presented.
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